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Dog Days For purposeful procrastination, nothing tops a dog. Take this morning, for example -- it's ten o'clock and, for hours, I've managed to put off writing. READ MORE

The Dog Food Book The Dog Food Book $10 (PDF Download) - Now in its 5th Edition, The Dog Food Book contains 73 of the best articles on dog food and nutrition from the pages of Good Dog! magazine. All have been re-edited and updated to include the latest scientific knowledge. Plus you'll get more than 65 updated dog food test reports! Whether you're buying dog food or selling it, you need this 177-page book! SHOP CONNERT MEDIA READ MORE

See Spot Live Longer PDF DOWNLOAD An incredible book made available through the website and only available in the Connert Media, Inc. Shop.  This book, which is now out-of-print, is available as a PDF download vor this discounted price.   Steve Brown is the developer of various treats and foods found at independent pet food store, natural food store and veterinarians through the nation.   Beth Taylor has spent the past 15 years teaching people how to train, exercise and feed their dogs READ MORE

Product Test Report: PoopsAway! Scoop and Bags If you own dogs, and you go for walks, we certainly hope you're a member of the Poop Pickup Club. It's your duty as a responsible dog owner to clean up after your dog, whether on public or private property. People long ago gave up on building a better mousetrap. But they haven't given up the search for the perfect pooper scooper. Every year, we get five or ten new products for this unglamorous task.  This year the "better poop-trap" is called Poops Away!. READ MORE

Heritage of the hound All dogs share many traits due to their common genetic background. But some dogs have been carefully bred for specialized traits. That factors in to what makes each breed different -- along with physical traits. If you're thinking about adding a dog to the family, it's important to look into those traits and understand what they might mean in terms of the human/dog relationship. READ MORE

Dr. Deb As many of you know, dogs are some of my most beloved friends and companions. This past month, however, I've seen their dark side. I became embroiled in a "dangerous dog" case. It involves an unneutered male of a breed known for being independent and possibly having aggressive tendencies. This particular dog has become increasingly aggressive over time. He's unlicensed, never has a collar on, and is never confined. Despite living on a fairly busy street, he's managed to successfully dodge cars. He's been seen roaming as far away as 10 miles from home. READ MORE

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